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Hello! Imaginative-Light77 here! I chose Merlin as my third character as I play both WDisneyRP-Quasi and WDisneyRP-Marahute for this community

"Dandelion head!" guffaws the owl.

"Oh shut up!"

:stare: "Oh blast it all! What is all this!? I have a perfect reason for being... lightly irritated.":iconsnobplz:

Dear Friends and All Those Who deserve a Good Friend to Talk to...

I always knew you had it in you, boy. I know you will make many so very proud. You are always to be my charge and I shall always be by your side, lad...even if you may not see me sometimes, you still have nothing to worry about.

Also, there is Archimedes, my smart mouthed, yet noble little owl of rather great intelligence. :meow:
"Oh, golly fluff!" :stare:

Good Acquaintances, or Those I plan to Know More, heh heh!


A kind young man who I see much promise in. Hurt from certain blokes, his outlook on magic in general is highly negative and the poor lad trembles each time he witnesses it. He hopes to return his kindness some day, and show the man the good magic can do.


The foster father of the young bell ringer and he seems even more skittish than his own son. Some remedy may come for both of them, soon.

Shifty Characters... or Those I Ought to Keep a Sharp Eye on... (More Like Enemies, if you'd like to know)


Those Who Know Me Quite Well
The rather colorful occupants of the Haunted Mansion. Rather splendid fellows, they are.

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United Kingdom

"Oh, oh! Well greetings to you there, stranger! Or, rather, not so much a stranger now, eh? Hah hah!

I've been hoping you'd come by, oh yes, indeed...
" *puffs pipe*

Merlin may look like just an ordinary old fool to anyone, but there is much some do not know. A little magic and few tricks up his sleeve, prepare for a good time or a good lesson that is to be learned, no doubt.

He has a bit of a fiery temper and his own beard can become his daily problem, either being caught in a door, losing things in it, or tangled around his walking stick.

Despite all that, the Wizard is very wise and only would battle unless it is vital and necessary for the good of all. He plays by the rules and never abuses his magic for any reason. If someone tries to tempt him in doing something unlikely, he will merely sit back, puff his pipe and glare with disapproval.

He loves to have fun and make it a grand experience for anyone with his magic, but sometimes he doesn't think it through. (the squirrel incident and the fish one) He plans to be very careful, indeed.

As far as this Wizard goes, he has magic and it is very powerful. He shall never use it though to serve selfish or harmful purposes and intent. Rather, he uses it help and teach others.

His magic can go from transfiguration and teleportation (ranging from moving things from place to place, including himself and others), able to foretell the future (to an extent, since he's a grouchy old coot at the best of times) and has access to knowledge that even the time period he lives in has no clue of.

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Far beyond England, high up in the skies beyond the stars. A rather plump elderly woman merrily watched the world bellow.
Glancing over to a large machine that to a slow beat dropped tiny orbs of light into the world.
They say there is the soul and the body but what of the mind? What of what makes person nasty or nice? Makes them want to play sport or read books? This was where they were crafted.
They played a big part but were useless until they hit a body.
But for the first time in her immortal life, the unexpected happened.
The old woman spun on the spot to see one of orbs of light resting on the floor beneath a broken window.
"That's odd" she knelt down and carefully picked it up "We don't get returns"
When a person died, this part of them often stayed with the soul person wasn't still alive, surely.
With her other hand she plucked her wand from thin air and whisked along the orb and then pointed it to the mirror.
And in its reflection revealed to the fairy godmother the unfurling events of what had to the orb in the last 24 hours.
"Oh dear" she said "It seems you've got yourself in quite a pickle, all this adventuring, heroic stuff isn't my frontier"
The orbs light dimmed a little
"But where there's faith! There's a way! And I think I know just the man for this sort of job"

There was a rapid knock on Merlins door
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